Wharfedale Super Denton

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Wharfedale Super Denton er den nye storebroren til vår mest solgte kompakthøyttaler; Wharfedale Denton 85. Den er en heftig oppgradering og antagelig den flotteste og beste høyttaleren vi har hørt i prisklassen!

Super Denton er, som navnet hinter til, en ekstra påkostet, mer avansert versjon av Denton. Selv om dimensjonene er relativt like skiller Super Denton seg ut ved at den er en ekte treveis høyttaler. Som Denton har den en diskant og en 6,5-tommer stor bass-driver i vevd Kevlar.  I tillegg til dette har Super Denton en 2-tommer stor soft dome mellomtone-driver som tar seg av det kritiske stemmeregisteret.

Mellomtone-domer er kjent for naturlig og fyldig stemmegjengivelse med ekstremt gode spredningsegenskaper. Kort fortalt betyr dette flottere gjengivelse av spesielt stemmer og en jevnere spredning av lyd i rommet med større "sweetspot" for lytteren. Denne høyttaleren bokser virkelig i en klasse over det man skulle kunne forvente. Mye av teknologien er hentet fra flaggskipet i Heritage-serien; Dovedale, byggekvaliteten og finishen er ekstrem, helt uavhengig av prisklasse. Utført i ekte valnøtt eller sort eik - dette er høyttalere man blir glad i, og som er velbygget nok til å kunne gå i arv til neste generasjon!


Informasjon fra produsent

Wharfedale’s new SUPER DENTON is part of Wharfedale’s Heritage series, based on classic designs from Wharfedale’s past but brought right up to date with modern drive unit, cabinet and crossover technology.

The Heritage series commenced, in 2014, with the Denton 80th anniversary model, followed by the Denton 85th and the trend-setting Linton model – which reignited a passion for the traditional, large stand mount loudspeaker. More recently complemented by the high-end Dovedale model, which signaled the return of UK manufacturing, the Heritage series emphasises why no loudspeaker manufacturer can claim a richer heritage than Wharfedale.

Following on from the aforementioned models, Wharfedale’s loudspeaker engineers, led by the revered Peter Comeau as Director of Acoustic Design, have sought to extend the series by taking another price-point-defying model from the archives and subjecting it to innovations and improvements learned over Wharfedale’s decades of loudspeaker development.

The result of this project is the all-new Wharfedale SUPER DENTON!


Taking inspiration from the Denton 3 - a loudspeaker that, in 1971, was acclaimed for surprising comparisons to the more regular large-format speakers of the time – DENTON has now evolved to the ‘SUPER’ status – a term originally applied to improved ‘Super’ and ‘Super Power’ Wharfedale models of the 1970s. The new SUPER DENTON follows suit in creating another modern classic with all the romance of heritage design matched by the latest in loudspeaker engineering.

DENTON, in all current iterations, holds its place as a standmount/bookshelf speaker that is easy to fall in love with — thanks in no small part to the proportions of its quality veneered cabinet. The new SUPER DENTON takes the ‘Super’ aspiration to a new level and brings back the classic 3-way design of the Denton 3, but rather than follow the LINTON model with another large-format cabinet design, the SUPER DENTON remarkably keeps to the compact standmount/bookshelf format and is a mere 20mm taller than the DENTON 85th model!

The industrial design and cabinet engineering required incredible effort to support such a complex array in a small volume, small footprint cabinet. The SUPER DENTON cabinet features critically placed bracing and internal acoustic damping using layers of long-hair fibre and the midrange and treble units have their own rear enclosures. As with all models in the Heritage series, the new SUPER DENTON cabinet is wrapped with hand-matched wood veneers for a furniture-grade finish befitting any living environment – classic or modern.

The drivers are advanced on any previous model with the DENTON name. The premium, cast chassis 6.5” (165mm) bass unit is tuned to the cabinet for bass extension down to 40Hz – astonishing for a loudspeaker of this size - with the woven Kevlar diaphragm providing realistic performance from instruments and vocals in the lower midrange.



The midrange unit is based around a 2” (50mm) dome design – inspired by Wharfedale’s award-winning EVO4 project. This driver provides the ideal transition from the fundamental tones carried by the bass unit to the harmonic overtones higher in frequency. The wide dispersion of this dome diaphragm is responsible

Sonic detail and air at high frequencies comes via a new 1” (25mm) soft dome treble unit that inherits design traits from the revered Wharfedale DOVEDALE model, including the ceramic motor system and rear chamber. This chamber helps reduce the resonant frequency to below that of the crossover region for a more natural and seamless transition between the drive units.

The three drivers are neatly arranged for smooth integration into this 3-way design, managed by a highly researched crossover network that features air-core coils and polypropylene capacitors in the midrange and treble circuits for distortion-free performance. As with all Wharfedale models, the design is accelerated by critical measurements allied to advanced computer modelling, but final tuning is achieved throughout 1000s of hours of listening tests – just as Wharfedale founder Gilbert Briggs would emphasise: “Response curves alone can hide a multitude of sins!”


The development of SUPER DENTON involved intricacies and attention to detail comparable to a model pitched at twice its humble price tag, as the lead designer says; “even the grille incorporates internal shaping to maximise the power performance of the drive units and avoid interference from reflections from the edges of the cabinet”.

The result is a musical output that suits all genres of music and sources, whether analogue or digital. You can rest assured that SUPER DENTON will delight and satisfy listeners with musical entertainment for years to come.


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