Audeze LCD-3

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Audeze hodetelefon LCD-3, Zebrano tre - High End hodetelefon

"No dynamic head phone at any price comes close to the LCD-3's sound."
“In design, build, and performance, they’re the epitome of high-end.”


"They are an addition to the finest pieces in your home stereo arsenal with equal quality and technological advancements. Very highly recommended."


“The Audeze LCD-3s created the best head-fi listening experience I have yet had."


"The design of our LCD-3 has remained largely unchanged since its inception, and for good reason. This headphone has long been a customer favorite due to its wide soundstage and forward musical presentation. The depth and impact of the LCD-3 never fails to satisfy even the most discerning ear. If you’re looking for the best at-home listening experience money can buy short of our Flagship line, then the LCD-3 is the headphone for you." - Audeze


LCD-3 har blitt kalt verdens beste hodetelefon, og leverer en vanvittig musikkopplevelse. Er dette hodetelefonen som er nærmest det perfekte lydbilde? Signaturen har egentlig alt som er appelerende i et godt lydbilde.



Type: Open back

110 ohm.

Maximum SPL 130 dB

Drivere: Neodymimum N50

Inkludert: 1,9 meter kabel, 4 pin mini XLR, reisebag og adapter.


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