ASR Basis Exclusive

ASR Basis Exclusive
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ASR Basis Exclusive er en platespillerforforsterker bygget for ihuga vinylfantaster, helt uten kompromiss. Med en vekt på 35kg, kondensator-kapasitet på over 1.300.000uf, internkabling i helt rent sølv og ekstern batteristrømmforsyning skal du lete lenge etter et mer imponerende RIAA-trinn, uansett pris.


"...the ASR phonostage is the best unit I've experienced in all my ventures into cartridge land...the ASR allows the lowest levels of the music and the soundstage ordinarily obscured by noise products to come forth in much more pronounced fashion. We never suspected this ease and "airiness" in the classic analog recordings. This also forces me to conclude that the ASR is a ***** [five star] product and at the head of its class..."


Harry Pearson

The Absolute Sound