Glorious Vinyl Lowboard

Glorious Vinyl Lowboard
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  • Glorious Vinyl Lowboard
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Glorious Turntable Lowboard er en elegant lyttestasjon med herlig 60-talls design!



- Møbel i høy kvalitet for platespiller og forsterker.

- Solide og svært stabile bein i hvit ask med dempeføtter i gummi.

- Skapdør med mekanisk trykkåpning.

- Hull for inngående/utgående kabler til forsterker.

- Egen boks for enkel browsing av vinyl. Plass til ca. 130 plater.

- Høyglans finish i høy kvalitet.


Informasjon fra produsent:


Glorious Turntable Lowboard The Glorious Turntable Lowboard is a high-quality piece of furniture in a retro 1960's design and is ideal for placement in your living room. With a dedicated surface for a turntable and plenty of space for your vinyl collection, the Turntable Lowboard is ideal as a listening station. The open record crate invites you to dig through your collection and allows direct access to up to 130 12''-records. A closed-front compartment with push mechanism houses your amplifier, CDs or books. The smart cavity on the rear panel is designed to route cables, making them disappear easily. The Turntable Lowboard comes in a timeless design made of wood and is provided with a white high-gloss finish. The solid white ash wooden support frame provides stability and not only looks elegant, but reduces vibrations through shock-absorbing rubber feet.


Technical Data:


- Material corpus: MDF wood with white high-gloss veneer

- Material stand: Ash wood (white ash)

- External dimensions corpus: 862 x 240 x 420 mm (L x H x W)

- Overall height: 444 mm

- Weight: 17 kg