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FiiO unveils with its K9 Pro an excellent DAC and headphone amplifier combo, using exclusively high-end audio components, renowned for their sonic performance, within a very precise assembly. The K9 Pro features a high-end AK4499 DAC, two THX-AAA 788+ amplifiers, a dual femtosecond clock, a QCC5124 Bluetooth receiver, an optimized power supply with fully balanced audio circuits.


The K9 Pro is equipped with the ES9038PRO DAC. It supports high-resolution audio streams up to PCM 32bit 384kHz and DSD256 and contributes greatly to the richness and precision of the K9 Pro's sound.

THX AAA Amplifier

The THX-AAA 788+ amplifiers used in the K9 Pro provide detailed and dynamic sound with both high and low impedance headphones. The K9 Pro can produce up to 46Vpp of transients when driving high-impedance loads, and up to 2W without distortion when driving low-impedance loads. Compared to the previous model, the output power of the K9 Pro has increased by more than 50% with better heat dissipation efficiency.

Linear Power Supply

The K9 Pro's linear power supply, with its low-frequency toroidal transformer and high-capacity Nichicon capacitors, provides a clean and perfectly stable power supply to the entire system.

Independent power supplies for analog and digital cirquits

The digital sections of the K9 Pro are powered separately from the analog sections, for effective protection against interference between the two circuits. This design results in an incredibly pure and clear sound.

A robust and refined case

The K9 Pro's simple yet elegant chassis, made entirely of anodized and sandblasted aluminum, gives the device a clean, modern aesthetic. The controls are clearly defined to make the user experience as smooth as possible.


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