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Zu Audio Mission RCA
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Zu Audio Mission RCA gir utrolig god valuta for pengene. Kabelen er håndlaget i Utah og er ikke bare en flott kabel å se på, men gir ekstremt god lyd for pengene, spesielt når det kommer til 3D-følelse og holografi. Kan bestilles med WBT-plugger mot pristillegg.

Informasjon fra produsent:

Zu Mission-RCA interconnect cables are all about maximum hi-fi value and are designed to challenge the state-of-the-art but at reasonable prices.

Mission-RCA Mk.II will improve the sound of your system by lowering noise and improving top to bottom transient and tonal resolution, with the biggest area of improvement in stereophonic imaging—few are as convincing as Zu-Mission RCA Mk.II for stereophonic magic. They're also small, flexible, durable and have a very comfortable hand.

Get pristine perfectly matched 2-channel stereo transmission in your stereo system, get Mission.


- Your choice of connectors to maximize your performance to cash relationship.
- SwitchCraft classic hollow-pin RCA for next to best sound while saving a ton of cash and getting a sweet vintage looking cable (and locking barrels to fuss with).
- WBT nextgen™ 0114 copper RCA plugs for as good as it gets termination of Mission Mk.II cable and interconnection of your audio gear.
- Epoxy potting hermetically seals the termination of wire and connector and improves ESD performance and reduces the unavoidable EM reflections lowering the standing-wave ratio (SWR).
- Zu/Gore®-Quad shared dielectric dual signal bonded cable geometry for low electromagnetic interference susceptibility and guaranteed near perfect left/right measures and behavior. This ensures the highest level of stereophonic realism.
- Dense electric and magnetic signature, as well as the cables physical dimensions, further guard against RF and noise and allows for small and easy handling.
- The very low, uniform and square reactance of Mission RCA Mk.II facilitates very long runs without bandwidth loss or phase issues.
- Uniform impedance characteristics of Mission RCA Mk.II reduce standing waves and contribute to the stable propagation of intelligence in short or long runs.
- Zu Mission-RCA has no DC offset like in coax designs and features perfect symmetry between left and right channels. As mentioned, this identical relationship between channels guarantees the highest possible recreation of dimension, stereo, density and tone.
- Pure silver over pure copper, perfect lay conductors for both signal and return.
- Virgin white Teflon® insulation with identical electrodynamic relationships help lower the net dielectric constant; Teflon® also has a very low dissipation factor—both features improve bandwidth, phase relations and overall musical resolution.
- Made by us in Ogden, Utah so every product gets serious attention and love.

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