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Zu Audio Omen Mk II Dirty Weekend
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Zu Audio Omen Mk II D.W. er rett og slett en av de beste høyttalerkjøpene vi kjenner til. Lettdreven, rask, superengasjerende og spilleglad.

Omen Mk II D.W. er en spesialversjon av Omen Mk II som slippes en gang i året fra Zu. Som Sean Casey selv sier så er det en måte å gi fans som ikke kan kjøpe en vanlig Omen MK II samme ytelse til en vesentlig lavere pris.


Omen Mk II er en av de mest mest musikalske og engasjerende høyttalerne vi kjenner til, uansett pris. En gang i året lager Zu en såkallt "Dirty Weekend" utgave av disse høyttalerne. Antallet er begrenset til 10 par per marked og farge og utførelse varierer fra år til år. I år har vi fått 10 par i Ghost Black Maple. Som alltid er høyttalerne håndlaget i Utah med ekte aluminium og treverk.





Real walnut veneer, slightly tinted to bring out the caramel hues. Finished to preserve the natural look of wood yet seal the walnut for easy cleanup, durability and UV protection. Smooth to the touch but with natural grain and figure relief. Fingerprints do not show.




Real maple veneer, dyed black with Gemini NG, a very high quality and colorfast metal based dye. All the figure and shades remain, ghosting out from the near-black background. Sanded and finished to be grain-free and fully sealed. The multi-process finish system uses top-shelf Beckers conversion varnish. The finish is mirror-flat and has a satin optical quality. It is a waterproof finish that is quite durable with very high UV protection. Smooth to the touch with minimal fingerprint reveal.



Her er det førstemann til mølla!





Omen II er Zu Audios minste gulvstående modell og den første ZU høyttaleren vi hørte. 10 sekunder ut i første låt var dommen på SteReoFil enstemmig; WOW! Dette låter helt rått!

Zu lager ikke høyttalere som alle andre, de er en ekte entusiastbedrift med superflat organisasjonsstruktur som bygger lydutstyr fordi det er den store lidenskapen, og det høres.


Selv om Omen II er den minste gulvstående modellen er den kapabel til å levere enorm dynamikk og engasjement. Bonusen er at du faktisk også kan ha glede av det fulle dynamikkpotensialet, da superhøy effektivitet (101db) gjør at du ikke trenger å bruke store summer på en enormt kraftig forsterker. En Rega Brio-R til eksempel - er helt perfekt!


Som alle Zus høyttalere er Omen II bygget rundt Zus 10,3" store fulltoneelement, helt uten delefilter og med en superhomogen gjenngivelse. Stemmer er det aller viktigste hos Zu og få høyttalere, uansett pris, klarer å gjengi Leonard Cohens stemme like sømløst og kraftig, eller Sissel Kyrkjebøs umenneskelige røst like uanstrengt. Trommer og bass gjenskapes med nesten uvirkelig (les nesten naturtro) anslag og snert og diskanten strekker seg over det hørbare området uten noen gang å bli påtrengende eller skarp.


Omen II spiller rett og slett musikk på en så engasjerende måte at det er lett å glemme hele anlegget. Musikkopplevelsen er i fokus, og en kan vel ikke gi en høyttaler bedre skussmål enn det?


Vi har aldri opplevt en gulvstående høyttaler som gir så mye for pengene. At den er håndbygget av entusiaster i Utah er en bonus. At den kommer levert med Zu buttons og drinkunderlag i pakken forteller resten a historien om hvorfor Zu fans kanskje er de mest lojal i bransjen. :-)


Informasjon fra produsent:


Omen Dirty Weekend Mk.II is a high performance yet generally affordable, fully U.S. made loudspeaker that will deliver fantastic sound in any living room. Omen is not fussy with placement or with electronics, matching up nicely with most any amplifier or receiver modern or vintage. Omen is also built to last a lifetime, like everything we make—cabinet material, adhesives, driver assemblies... every component is a quality part engineered and built to create a loudspeaker system that will continually satisfy and amaze decade after decade.



Omen Quick Specs


Height: 36'' [91.5 cm]
Footprint: 12 x 12'' [30.5 x 30.5 cm]
Weight: 54 pounds [24 kg] each
Bandwidth: 35 - 25 kHz
Efficiency: 97 dB-SPL 1W, 1m
Impedance: 12 ohm
Power Amp Range: 4 - 300 watt
Made by us in our home town of Ogden, Utah, U.S.A.




Zu260FRD/ND Driver And Acoustic Technology


Omen, like all Zu products, is built around the critical human voice (A1, 55 Hz, through A6 and all the possible harmonics, to approximately 12 kHz). Serving this critical region of tone is Zu’s Zu260FRD/ND 10.3” [260 mm] nanotech/paper composite full-range driver. In addition to a very large motor assembly and nanotech/paper composite cone, the driver also features a new cast aluminum basket and machined from billet center pole complete with engraved model notation on the face for easy identification. We only use the finest adhesives and binders to ensure consistency, toughness and a very long life; the result of decades of engineering and refinement with roots going back to 1934 and the prolific Harry Olson.


We designed/refined the Omen’s new full-range driver to work within our Zu-Griewe box/acoustic loading technology. With Omen Mk.II you get a loudspeaker that is lightning-quick yet still lays down loads of tone density. The system is consistent and linear in its resolution and dynamic behavior—from bass through treble. Omen Mk.II features revised Zu-Griewe loading and delivers slightly increased efficiency in the bass range and reduces noise and distortion generally. Our technology also reduces internal acoustic noise and couples more tightly the high acoustic impedance of the driver cone to the low acoustic impedance of the room. So you get improved bass drum thwack, techno hit, thunder-broom shove, snare pop, guitar tone, fiddle bite and burnish... and all able to scale and span even the most demanding and complex recordings (particularly when matched with a great bottom active tuned subwoofer like our Undertone). And yeah, voice always sounds human, real and present.



Cabinet Work And Material Pallet


Omen is made from North American high density composite wood plate (Comp-60), machined on state-of-the-art CNC mills. Omen uses real wood veneer laid-up and pressed at the plywood factory and not glued after assembly. This ensures your finish will not lift or warp, and it yields the flattest surfaces and tightest seams. For glue, it’s Titebond III, for the highest joint strength and a lifetime of unfailing, moisture-proof service.


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As for value, these Zu Omen Dirty Weekenders just can’t be beat. Right now, I think they represent one of the best overall values I’ve ever encountered in high-end audio. In fact, I almost feel guilty enjoying them so much when I think about how little I paid for them. —John Richardson / Part-Time Audiophile


The Omen DW is a turn-it-up, hell-on-wheels demon, but it serves up oodles of detail at hushed, late-night levels. When you get the chance to crank the volume the speaker's stature looms large. Man, it breathes life into music, live rock recordings showcase what this speaker does so right. —Steve Guttenberg / CNET, Stereophile, Tone


They absolutely nail voices and the user-critical midrange, even with digital sources of questionable origin. They can totally rock hard with the best of them, but also have no problems reproducing the intricacies of massed strings or orchestral music."—Tom Gibbs / Positive-Feedback


The OMEN's high frequency response is smooth and grain-free and remains largely composed at high volumes, though if you push it too hard (just like any loudspeaker) it will compress and get a touch nasty. In terms of dynamics, they don't get much better than the OMEN and its soundstage is equally impressive, possessing astonishing width and depth with solid definition throughout. For a $1,500 a pair, the OMEN is an astonishing achievement from both a build and performance standpoint. —Andrew Robinson / Home Theater Review


Ok, so what do these things do with music?  In a word, the Zu Omens make music that sounds like music, they reveal the soul of the music, perhaps even the soul of the musician, at least as revealed by his or her artistry. —Mike Quinn / Sounds Good


Omen Mk. II speakers, the best speakers we’ve heard in this class, available directly from Zu Audio online. They sound like a million bucks, but cost way less than you might expect. —Greg / Truly Net


“For people who love listening to their hi-fi, scrutinizing every aspect of the recording and forensically dissecting the performance, there’s a raft of speakers out there for those lost souls. For people who are still in love with the music, who just want to be at that gig, who really don’t care about ‘audiophile’ recordings and all the attendant crap—for all those enlightened souls, there’s Zu. I hesitate to call any speaker that can rock this hard polite, but they were incredibly well controlled and coherent, even at ear-splitting levels.


Voices were decadently rich, well centered in space and completely free of the speaker boxes. These speakers “throw” images and voices into the room in a way that I’ve never heard before. With these speakers the music is happening right in front of you. The sound is in your face, and very intimate.”- Aaron & Andrew Marshall / AUDIO IDEAS



Tips On Getting Great Sound From Omen


Make sure you have 1/4” [6 mm] or so gap between the bottom of the Omen loudspeakers and the floor. The finger ports are part of the Zu-Griewe box loading technology. They are not ports as used in a bass-reflex design but the finger ports do need to see the acoustic impedance of the room to function; blocking them turns Omen into an interesting but sealed design.



Omen is designed to account for its shortish stature. Placing its full-range 10” driver on top and then time-aligning the super tweeter to “tilt” the sound in a slight upward direction causes Omen to sound larger and taller than it is. Users can increase this effect by adjust the feet so as to lean the speaker back, further tailoring the sound of the loudspeaker’s integration with the room and the humans in it.






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