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Designed from the most functional and premium materials available, the Heritage HP-3 headphones feature die-cast steel, milled wood, premium leathers, and machined aluminum components. Boasting a 52mm KG-520 biodynamic driver housed in a back-vented design, the HP3 headphones deliver unsurpassed acoustic performance.


Each Heritage HP-3 headphone component has been designed from the most functional
materials available: die-cast steel, milled wood, premium leathers, and machined
aluminum. Solid-wood, triple-vented ear cups add natural warmth and character. Angled
sheepskin ear pads provide perfect depth and distress naturally with age. A genuine
hand-stitched cowhide headband adds quality, strength, and becomes more pliable over
time. Hand-assembled with visible nuts and bolts, the Heritage HP-3 is built to last.


Crafted with one engineering goal in mind: achieving high efficiency, low distortion, fullrange
Klipsch loudspeaker sound, the Heritage HP-3 deliberately tugs on your emotions;
extracting every detail from studio recordings and revealing both presence and detail
without sacrificing bass. Featuring a recessed 52mm biodynamic driver, the Heritage
HP-3 expands the soundstage to mimic the imaging characteristics of speakers instead of
conventional headphones.


Proper acoustic venting drives the powerful and smooth delivery of the Heritage HP-3.
Back-vented to the outside world as well as through the front baffle, the drivers can
breathe and allow ambient noise to fuse seamlessly with the rhythm of your music,
creating a natural presentation. Precisely vented between the front of the driver and
directly behind the ear pad through a vortex guide, the Heritage HP-3 reduces pressure
in your ears, and creates a consistent performance for any head or ear shape.


Driven by a pair of 52mm biodynamic drivers with more than one tesla of magnetic
flux density, the Heritage HP-3 decreases distortion and provides superb dynamic
range. Using a proprietary mixture of biocellulose and inorganic fiber, the biodynamic
drivers achieve incredible levels of balance and control throughout the full frequency
spectrum. Additionally, the urethane rubber surrounds create a driver that stays solid
and rigid, moving like a piston instead of rocking and tilting like typical headphone
drivers. This free-edge design further reduces tonal coloration and improves clarity.


Compared to other audiophile-grade headphones, the Heritage HP-3 is vastly different
because of its high efficiency, one of Paul W. Klipsch’s original founding principles in
loudspeaker design. During the headphone’s acoustical development, it was vital that it
could be driven by virtually any source playing any content. With a flat, low impedance,
the Heritage HP-3 will pair well with both high-end amplifiers as well as standard


While most headphones are built for sleeping on a plane, the Heritage HP-3 comes
pre-packaged with a custom solid-steel rod headphone stand, short (1.37m) and long
(2.5m) detachable braided nylon cables, and a custom-fit 1/4” adapter. With a design this
beautiful, these headphones are meant to be displayed and listened to, not stored in a
bag inside a drawer


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