Rotel RMB-1575

Rotel RMB-1575
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Rotel RMB-1575 er en 5-kanals effektforsterker på hele 200W per kanal.


MESSETILBUD gjelder så langt lageret rekker.


Larger listening environments require prodigious amounts of power to deliver room filling sound. That’s exactly what you get with Rotel’s 5 x 250 watt power amplifier. It is important to note that this specification is provided with “all channels driven at 8 ohms” unlike some other manufacturers who stretch the ratings by listing them at 6 ohms or with only one or two channels being driven. Rotel’s RMB-1575 is a true high current audiophile design and can double its output to 5 x 500 watts at 4 ohms with all channels driven. Pure muscle alone, however, does not make a superb amplifier. The RMB-1575 excels at extracting all of the smallest audio details from both music and movie soundtracks alike. Best of all, even with its high power capability the RMB-1575 runs relatively cool, extending the components lifespan thanks to its innovative Class D design.